Every Move Matters

Every Move Matters

As I was sitting here in a local café with the intention of doing some writing and not really having anything coming to me, a young gentleman walked up and stopped at the table I was sitting at and said, “It’s really great to be able to work from home, isn’t it?” – as I later found out he actually works as a business analyst remotely from home. After briefly sharing how I actually work night shift as an aircraft technician and was just doing some writing here at the café, we embarked on a beautiful discussion that ranged in topics from living in service instead of for self-gain and developing true purpose in our daily work, to his goal of early retirement/financial freedom and growing a non-profit company that would build schools around the world and what it means to live in a way that puts people first.

Even the concept of reincarnation and working in this life to set up future generations of kids that live in a caring, loving way was discussed. In essence, we were able to deeply connect with each other and share intimate aspects of each other’s lives within the span of 5 minutes, learning from each other’s experiences and offering different perspectives that may even challenge the other person’s belief systems, while honouring each other openly without judgement – a truly exquisite conversation that I shared with him really made my day.

We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to stay in touch and meet up again sometime soon. And so I sit here feeling incredibly appreciative and inspired by a young man who was so open that he could literally stop in his tracks and follow his impulse to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, and then express with such honesty and without the usual protection or guard and competition that most men tend to engage in, especially early on in their relationships.

Another thing that this reflected to me was that my new friend felt comfortable enough to engage in this spontaneous, deep conversation because even though I was just sitting there relatively motionless, I was in a ‘movement’ of energy that emanated an openness that held others as equals with understanding and with a sensitivity that was ready to meet another person with that same level of connection without hesitation.

So, in a sense, I was receiving from this beautiful man a reflection of the quality that I was holding myself in. Wow, I am just letting that one sink in, with deep appreciation.

And this brings us to the whole point of this piece, that is, that every little movement that we make during the day can have a profound effect on others, from stopping in our busy day to connect with someone we feel drawn to, or to simply hold others in the same level of care and love that we hold ourselves. This holding can then lead to a positive feedback situation, where we get reflected back to us in the form of life experiences and relationships the reality that we hold for ourselves to be true. So, if we think we are not good enough or only deserve abusive relationships and suffering/hardships, etc. due to low self-worth and past emotional hurts, then that is the reality that will come to fruition. But in the end, we are so much more than those hurts and on the level of our soul we maintain an untouchable and unbreakable love that can surpass even the most intense levels of abuse and suffering that we currently find on the planet. We just have to surrender to the knowingness that this is indeed the truth.

I have recently found just how profound it can be to allow myself to feel that Divine connection with my soul, and am beginning to notice how it has a ripple effect on others. This has brought a whole new level of responsibility to my life as I am seeing how the way and quality in which I talk to people, how I move my body with gentleness or not justwhile at work and home, and even how I hold myself while I walk, all is communicating the level of love and openness I am to all the people I am in relationship with– and even to Nature, as I have seen this reflected back to me via beautiful and unique encounters with animals.

So if I go to work and start throwing my tools around in anger or frustration, that sends a signal to others to back off and will limit our ability to be open and connect deeply in Brotherhood while we work together. Alternatively, if I walk in the front door of work and am maintaining an openness and elongated posture in my body that is both gentle and claimed in the tender and sensitive qualities that I bring to others, this offers others an opportunity to engage with me more easily and perhaps appreciate and inspire the same innate qualities within themselves.

What I have noticed lately is just how much other people notice all the little idiosyncrasies of movement that we express to them, and even the most subtle touch on someone’s shoulder in support or the slightest word of appreciation and encouragement can actually change someone’s life in a positive way forever. And having that sweet gentleman come up to me in this café today truly feels like a message from Heaven, reminding me of the amazing power we have to transform the world by our simple daily movements with no need to protest, fight, or complain about all the corruption. It’s just about the simple way in which we move and hold our bodies.